Transformation Programs

Everything You Need to Become a Healthier Happier You

Coaching that only works to improve part of a person results in partial transformation. Our transformation programs include everything you need to experience total transformation. 

In Depth Snap-Shot Health Analysis

We begin with an extensive questionnaire, metrics, fitness test, and consultation to learn as much as possible about you and where you want to be. We look at your current fitness, diet, sleep, work efficiency, work-life balance, thought life, communication success, and goals.  

Personal Fitness Program

After your consultation is completed and your coach has a few days to work on it, you will receive your personal fitness program. This includes: a custom basic Prime workout you can do anytime to feel better, a customized workout program tailored to your goals, and personalized plan for discovering and integrating active recreation into your lifestyle.

Nutrition Program

Next, you will receive your nutrition program which is a customized guide giving you all the information you need to improve your health through diet, based on your body-type, activity levels, and goals. 

Lifestyle Program

Thirdly, you will receive your lifestyle program consisting of goals and a plan of action to enable you to improve every area of your life you indicated you were interested improving. You will also be provided with any additional resources your coach believes will accelerate your transformation. Follow up sessions are available and encouraged, as often as you need them, to make sure you are getting the results you want.