Personal Training

Lasting Transformation

Have you ever gotten healthier in a workout program but then lost your progress shortly after? Most people have experienced this rebound effect. Our entire personal training system is designed to empower you to experience transformation that actually lasts. 

Learning to Love Fitness

Many workout programs are honestly not fun. It's no wonder most people stop doing them once the program ends. That's why one of our main focuses is helping our clients learn to love fitness. We have found that people generally do things they enjoy. 

Goal and Enjoyment Based

Everything we do with our clients is goal and enjoyment oriented. We want you spending less time in the gym and more time out in the great earth doing things that get you excited. When you love tennis, hiking, or cycling, you don't think of it as a workout.

Prime Workout

The foundation of our training program is creating and teaching our clients a custom Prime workout. This workout is a short, client specific workout that is our client's baseline for fitness. It includes a warm up, stability and flexibility exercises, and muscle tension releasing techniques. Everything you need to be ready for what comes next.

Strength Training

Resistance training is essential for optimal human health. Based on your goals, we will create a resistance training program for total body strength. As you develop strength, you will be better equipped for life and lifestyle fitness. 

Lifestyle Fitness

Lifestyle fitness just means finding recreational fitness activities you enjoy, and integrating them into your lifestyle. We believe this is the key to lifelong fitness: getting hooked on fitness activities you crave. The first two parts of our program are really to help you get established in this one.