Organizational Wellness

Enhancing Well-Being, Improving Performance

We offer a series of organizational wellness services and programs, focused on enhancing the well-being and performance of any organization. We specialize in working in the corporate and non-profit sectors, but would love to assist any organization wanting to improve organizational health.  

Organizational Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs include a series of foundational health education sessions with your organization, custom health transformation programs created for each organization member, and follow up meetings to insure everyone is progressing into greater health. 

Health Education Sessions:

We have a wide array of health topics we can educate your organization on. Our approach to every health topic is to consider the leading research, and distill it down into the essential information necessary for success, drawing from personal life experiences. Our education sessions range from the keys of fitness and nutrition, to how to manage stress and prevent burn out, learn to love a job that isn't your dream job, work-life balance, manage conflict in a healthy way, and accelerate your career through serving others. For a full list of available health education sessions please email us. 

On-Site Personal Training Services: 

If you are in an office building that has a fitness facility, we can provide individual or group personal training services to your employees, per permission from the property management team. 

Note: Our organizational wellness prices are on the Prices page. If you are interested in our corporate wellness services, please give us a call or shoot us an email. We would love to hear about you, your organization, your goals, and set a course to the future.