Lifestyle Coaching

Beyond Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition are huge parts of a healthy living. However, we believe there is a lot more to health than these two areas 

Holistic Approach to Health

We believe the following areas are also vital: sleep habits, stress management, developing a healthy environment, communication, work-life balance, positive thinking, and purpose.  

Identifying Opportunities

 In our lifestyle coaching sessions, we begin by looking at a client's life as a whole, and locate areas of opportunity that are available to the client to improve their standard of life. 

Getting A Vision

Next, we work to help clients identify a vision for how they would like that area of their lives to change. We work with them to set some goals for that area.  

A Pathway to Transformation

Thirdly, we collaborate with clients to create a plan of progressive action steps to move towards their vision/goal. 

Chartering Progress and Celebrating Victories

Lastly, we keep a record of each clients opportunities, vision/goals, and action steps, and meet with them as often as they like to talk about their progress, celebrate their victories, and troubleshoot their challenges.